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Relax Yourself
A selection to spend days in complete relaxation.
From shopping to spa treatments, from forest diving to stargazing.

The Bio-Lake

Ideal for relaxing moments.

The large bio-lake (10m x 15m) with fresh water from our source, is an oasis of relaxation, with a phyto-purification system with native plants and without the use of chemicals.

Its shape and stone stones fit it perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

The project was awarded in 2016 by Turismo Legambiente .

Erbe aromatiche

The Wellness Pillows

Recommended for people and 4-legged friends.

Wellness cushions are an original product of our farm.

Completely natural with the use of hay and aromatic herbs, they help to rest and remove pain. The idea is to be able to enjoy the natural benefits deriving from hay, often used by spas in exclusive hay baths, through the use of a pillow.

There are different weights and types, both for people and animals. The same fabrics, the seams of the brand and the bags are eco-friendly.

Readings e


Recommended for regaining new energy.

Near the bio-lake area, along the stream, near the bamboo or in the woods, together with the external professional, you can set up a yoga class in the open air to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Natural spaces have the advantage of giving us tranquility, beauty and silence. Contact with nature can help us awaken our human and spiritual potential. There is perhaps nothing more pleasant than walking barefoot in the park or strolling among the trees to find new energy.

Lovers of reading will find books in Italian and English in all the apartments that they can read under the shade of the trees and relax to the sound of the stream.

Yoga Pose

Forest Diving

Recommended for its excellent anti-stress benefits.

"Bath in the Forest" is a method of Japanese medicine comparable to aromatherapy. Japanese scientists have found that spending a few hours in a natural environment, with a large concentration of trees, leads to an increase in immune function.

The main benefits can be read in the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure with a strong decrease in stress but also in an improvement in spiritual, psychological and creative well-being.

Paper laboratory

A local experience, for adults and families.

The museum offers participants the experience of creating a sheet of craft paper with the aim of making known the aspects that make handmade paper a precious and unique material. At the end of the workshop the participants will receive the sheet of paper made.

It is also possible to visit the museum and request a dedicated experience to learn the secrets and ancient techniques of the paper masters.


Visit of religious places

Recommended for visits and weddings.

Each village has a historic church, among these La Pieve di Castelvecchio is the oldest sacred building in the entire province of Pistoia, mentioned for the first time in a document of 879. Many mysteries surround the church, from the crypt to the enigmatic sculptures on the facade.

Upon request, these locations are available to organize weddings.

Discover Rustics abandoned

Recommended for photography enthusiasts.

When humans leave a place, nature has a habit of taking over again, producing very unique results. Abandoned mills and metati become places where you can observe the triumph of nature over civilization.

Some abandoned cottages are not far from the farmhouse, surrounded by nature or along the stream.

Man Shopping

Enjoy it with Shopping

We recommend buying local.

In Pescia, Montecatini, Lucca and Montecarlo you will find many historic and modern shops, where you can buy handcrafted products, unique in their kind and "made in Italy".

From products and accessories for footwear in the Lucca area such as leather bags, diaries, photo albums, belts, to Terracotta products in Montecarlo, to the most modern shops in the center of Montecatini Terme.

Treatments at Grotta Giusti

Recommended for adults but also for children with access to the thermal pool.

Let yourself be surprised by the magnificence of the millenary cave and by the hot thermal waters of the Grotta Giusti springs. Maestro Giuseppe Verdi called it "the eighth wonder". From treatments to therapy in the thermal cave, to spa diving, it is possible to live a unique and creative experience.

The vapors create a natural health bath that generates well-being throughout the body.

Hot Stones Massage

Observe the starry skies

Recommended for adults and children.

The astronomical observatory of the Pistoia Mountains is located in the municipality of San Marcello Piteglio, at 1000 meters above sea level. The observatory, run by volunteers from the GAMP association, is a fascinating place where it is possible to understand the science of astronomy and the mission of the observatory.

Even from our farm you can enjoy the starry skies, lying on the lawn or in the hammocks in the garden. The lack of light pollution guarantees peaceful and relaxing nights.

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