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Man Hiking in Wilderness
A selection of activities to regenerate the body and discover the surroundings.
From trekking to e-bikes, from ancient villages to typical restaurants near our farmhouse.

Paths and Water-Trekking

Recommended for nature lovers.

The village located near the Pescia stream, boasts its own natural park of 300,000 square meters of woods, paths and water sources.

The position helps to connect the two parts of the Natura 2000 SIC Site "Alta Valle del Torrente Pescia", creating a real ecological corridor for wildlife.




Recommended for sport lovers, couples and groups.

You can rent your E-Bike and find it directly in the structure.

The service offered by an external professional is compatible with our philosophy and allows you to discover villages and  trails with a modern and completely eco-friendly vehicle.


Service upon availability, booking 48 hours in advance is recommended.

Bike Rent

Adventure Parks

Various parks for all ages.

Our area boasts famous adventure parks suitable for all ages, from the iconic "Canyon Park", the first and only adventure park in a canyon located in Bagni di Lucca, to the "Suspended Garden" suitable for children.


Live an experience in the air with cableways and suspended passages, sliding into the water on SUP boards or descending into inaccessible environments with cableways and natural slides.

Visit of the villages

Highly recommended for everyone.

Our hills are contracted by medieval villages, characterized by stone buildings, churches and historic towers, small streets of the village loved by children who can run freely and play hide and seek.

Not to be missed: the panorama from Pontito, and the pizza at the Circolo di San Quirico "Le Castella del Turista".

Bruschetta condita

Typical restaurants

Recommended for a local experience.

The area is rich in traditions, history and typical products that you can taste in the various restaurants specialized in Tuscan cuisine near our farmhouse. You will receive recommendations on restaurants and Tuscan IGP products such as the "Sorana bean" grown in this area along the gravel groves of the streams.

Many restaurants accept dogs in the dining room, have a garden and offer the possibility to eat outside.

Wine Tasting in Montecarlo

Recommended for Wine Lovers, couples and groups.

The village of Montecarlo rises on a hill between Pescia and Lucca. The historic center dating back to 1333 is well preserved and still surrounded by the splendid city walls. The Montecarlo hill, cultivated with vines and olive trees, has a production of high quality oil and fine DOC wines.


Upon request, it is possible to organize a tasting experience and visit to the cellar in a renowned estate in the area of the village of Montecarlo.

Salute e brindisi

Montecatini funicular

Recommended for all ages, even for 4-legged friends with a leash and muzzle.

The ancient cableway that connects Montatini Terme to Montecatini Alto is made up of 2 historic wagons in operation since 1898. The 1077 meters long route enjoys an extraordinary view of Montecatini.

The funicular is usually open from Easter until October 31st. Tickets are purchased upon boarding and dogs are welcome on a leash and with a muzzle.

Pinocchio Park & Villa Garzoni

Recommended for adults and children.

Collodi is a small Tuscan village made famous by the book "the adventures of Pinocchio". The author Carlo Lorenzini spent his childhood in Collodi where he drew his pseudonym. The Pinocchio park is a commemorative park of the famous fairy tale.

A few steps away you will find the historic garden of the villa which was built in 1652 by the Garzoni family in relation to the site of the ancient castle.


By bike on the walls of Lucca

Recommended for all ages, also suitable for 4-legged friends.

The city of Lucca, known for the well-preserved Renaissance walls that surround its historic center and cobbled streets. Wide tree-lined paths along imposing 16th and 17th century ramparts are famous for walking and cycling.

There is also the Casa di Puccini, where the great opera composer was born, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, Torre Guinici and Torre delle Ore.

Vinci, Leonardo's house

Recommended for all ages.

The idea of ​​dedicating a museum to Leonardo in his native land was born in 1919. Since then the collection of machines and mechanisms has been constantly increased thanks to the contribution of scholars and donors, becoming one of the largest and most original collections for critical knowledge by Leonardo in the context of late medieval and Renaissance history and technique .

The Casa di Leonardo is located just outside the city of Vinci.


The Wind Cave

Recommended for all ages.

Located at the foot of Mount Piana Secca, in Fornovolasco (Lucca), the cave is about 4,500 meters long and has a total height difference of about 120 meters. The only practicable entrance is at 640 meters above sea level but there are probably other impassable openings that would justify the strong wind that characterizes the entrance, which has been recorded at a speed of over 40 km / h.

Inside the cave, the air has a constant temperature of 10.7 ° C.

The beauties of Florence

Recommended for art lovers of all ages.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany, birthplace of the Renaissance, known for its culture, museums, art galleries and Renaissance architecture. The Florentine dialect is the basis of Italian and became the language of culture throughout Italy thanks to the great poet Dante Alighieri, the brilliant creator of the "Divine Comedy". Florence also plays a very important role in Italian fashion.

To find out more, a tour guide can be arranged for a personalized tour. Florence can be reached by car or by train from Pescia station.

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